Early learning experiences create a solid foundation.

Early Learner South Dakota's vision is that all children have access to high-quality early learning experiences and environments to create a solid foundation for lifelong success.

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What is an early learner?

Early Learners

Studies show that access to quality early learning leads to long-term results for children.

• Fewer teenage pregnancies

• More likely to graduate from high school

• More likely to hold a job and have higher earnings

• Commit fewer crimes

• More likely to own their own car and home

How we help

Access to resources for anyone providing learning opportunities for children ages 0-8.

Creating a network of communities that wish to become Early Learning focused.

Support to anyone who wishes to help our youngest community members be successful. 

How you can help

  • Communities

    Early Learning improves the lives of all South Dakotans. Start the conversation in your community. 

  • Families

    Families make a difference in a child's early learning experiences. Find out why foundations are built at birth.

  • Providers

    A safe, healthy learning environment is important and includes daycares, preschools and wherever else learning occurs.

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