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That all children have access to high-quality early learning experiences and environments to create a solid foundation for lifelong success.


Community leaders share the importance of Early Learning.

Lorie Vega

Ellsworth Air Force Base

Ken Nelson

Coeur Wharf

Linn Evans

Black Hills Energy

Brett Bradfield

University of Sioux Falls

What you need to know about Early Learner SD

What is it?

Early Learner South Dakota is a community-driven, grass roots effort, lead by SDAEYC, bringing awareness and support to the importance of how access to a variety of early learning environments impacts our community’s future.

Where does early learning take place?

Everywhere! In the home, classroom, friend’s home, religious organizations, on the ranch and playground!

Who is an early learner?

All children ages 0-8. A child in the home, preschool classroom, grandparent's house, foster home, places of worship, on the farm or ranch. Every child in our community is an Early Learner!


All children are the future of our community. They are the next generation of parents, workforce and leaders. Data is clear. Early access to quality learning for ALL children leads to healthier, thriving communities. Commitment to our future is rooted in community leadership, quality services that work for all young children and their families including backing local/state policies and creating safe and caring neighborhoods that support families.

Who is responsible for early learning?

You! Everyone can support early learning and our future.


First, be aware and informed. Then, invest time, knowledge, resources, perspectives, talent and skills.


The time to support early learning is now. Find out how you can be involved by contacting:

How does

SD Rank?

South Dakota ranks highest in the Economic Well Being category while Children's Health sits at 45th out of 50 states.


A Visual Guide to Early Learner SD.

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We need your help?

Find out how you can be an advocate for early learners in South Dakota.

Have some questions?

We would love to hear from you. Find out more about the program and where we can use your help.

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