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Advocate Marketing Materials

As an Early Learner advocate, we want to give you access to many of the resources we have created. Below  are materials you can print and use. 


SolveChildCare Small.jpg
SoDakKidsMatter Small.jpg

Printing Specs:


•Full Color

•8.5" x 11"

•Cut out along grey line

Child Care Lets Me Work Card

Printing Specs:

•Full Color

•2.5" x 3" Rectangle


ChildCareLetsMeWork Cards.jpg

Take Action


Want to know how to do more for our early learners?

Elected Official Round Table Quick Tips Packet

Elected Official Table Quick Tips cover.jpg

Advocate Social Media Toolkit

Use our Advocate Social Media Toolkit to spread the word about the importance of Early Learning in your community. Each post has text and photo for you to use.

Community leaders share the importance of Early Learning.

Lorie Vega

Ellsworth Air Force Base

Linn Evans

Black Hills Energy

Ken Nelson

Coeur Wharf

Brett Bradfield

University of Sioux Falls

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