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Early Learner Social Media Toolkit

Early Learner South Dakota and its advocates have the vision that all children have access to high-quality early learning experiences and environments to create a solid foundation for lifelong success.


This social media toolkit was created to help Early Learner advocates deliver a cohesive message across social media platforms. These posts were created intentionally to be used together (photo with text) and not be separated.


1. To use image:

     On Desktop: hover over the image and in the bottom, left corner, click the download icon.

     On phone: click the image. Then click on the download icon.

2. Copy and paste text

3. If you are including any organizations in your posts, please tag them (ex. @Early Learner South Dakota)

4. Include the hashtag #SoDakKidsMatter

Sample Post #1

FACT: 44% of South Dakota children under the age of 6 are read to less than 4 times a week.


Families are a child’s first source of learning. For most children, the vast majority of brain development happens within the first 5 years. Beginning early is important because the roots of language are developing in a baby’s brain even before he can talk. The more words your baby hears over time, the more words he learns.


Some of the additional benefits to reading to your child are bonding, increased language skills, establishing routines, emotional learning, and setting up for school success.


Resource:  South Dakota KIDS COUNT



Sample Post #2

We are striving to spread awareness across South Dakota that all children need access to high-quality early learning experiences and environments to create a solid foundation for lifelong success.


@Early Learner South Dakota has put a HUGE effort in motion. Learn more at



Sample Post #3

FACT: There are 73,567 children under the age of 6 in South Dakota.


All children are the future of our community. They are the next generation of parents, workforce, and leaders. Data is clear.  Early access to quality learning for ALL children leads to healthier, thriving communities.


GET INVOLVED. Learn the facts and spread the word to everyone and anyone who is willing to listen.


Find the facts at


Sample Post #4

Make your voice heard for South Dakota children.


Change doesn't happen by itself. We need movers and shakers in every community who are in all walks of life to be catalysts for change.


Are you willing to take action in helping spread the word about the importance of Early Learning in YOUR community?


Find out how at


Sample Post #5