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Our Vision

That all children have access to high quality early learning experiences and environments to create a solid foundation for lifelong success.

About Early Learner Rapid City

We are the voice of early learners and their caregivers in the Rapid City community. We are a community of Early Learner South Dakota — a community-driven grassroots effort, bringing awareness and support to the importance of how access to a variety of quality early learning environments impact our community’s future.

Early Learner Rapid City understands that positive early learning environments is vital to its economic development and stability. It is necessary for infants and children to have physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. 

Our committee-led work promotes quality early learning environments in Rapid City by assessing and vetting alternative learning opportunities such as outside-the-classroom learning and enrichment activities, as well as age-appropriate events using the South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines.

Committees are guided by the National League of Cities Community Action Guide with the direction of the leadership team and other stakeholders.

Our Committees

The Advisory Committee

  • The Advisory Committee looks not to prescribe goals and objectives, rather to allow those to grow organically from the subcommittee and statewide committee meetings. Collaboration and input from the constituents of early learning will reflect what the community wants, needs and feels is vital and will be the success of this project.

  • The Advisory Committee consists of the John T. Vucurevich Foundation, the Rapid City Public Library, SDAEYC, and United Way of the Black Hills/Black Hills Reads

  • The Advisory Committee typically convenes the first Monday of the month.

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The Leadership Committee

  • The Leadership group consists of the advisors and the co-leads from each of the ELRC subcommittees.

  • Leadership typically convenes the second Monday of the month to collaborate with other committee co-leads.

Early Learning Opportunities Committee

  • Mission: Identify, explore, and connect early learning opportunities to families and caregivers of young children. 

  • Description: This committee is responsible for supporting the development of early learning efforts and overcoming potential obstacles to access.  Audiences include childcare professionals, parents/families, disadvantaged populations, community spaces and respective leaders. 

  • Meeting Schedule: Third Tuesday of each month, 8 - 9:30am via Zoom.

  • Committee Goals:

    • Goal #1: ​Identify and explore potential sources of early learning opportunities.​

    • Goal #2: Develop guidance to enhance the quality of early learning opportunities.

      Interested in joining this committee? Please email Early Learner Rapid City

Community Engagement Committee

  • Mission: Encouraging community partnerships and expanding awareness about the value of early learning for the community.

  • Description: This committee is responsible for creating an awareness around the value of early learning, the resources available, and the role of ELRC in this effort. Audiences include community leadership, childcare professionals, parents/families, and professions that intersect with childhood development.

  • Meeting Schedule: Second Tuesday of each month, 3:30-5pm, at YFS Conference Room(120 E. Adams)

  • Committee Goals:

    • Goal #1: ​Expand pathways for creating awareness of the value of early learning and resources.

    • Goal #2: Develop partnerships to help with distributing information (beyond events).

    • Goal #3: Capture engagement to and from every voice.

Interested in joining this committee? Please email Early Learner Rapid City

Survey and Mapping Committee

This committee is currently in development. Stay tuned for new details! Interested in joining this committee? Please email Early Learner Rapid City

ELRC Resource Guide

This resource guide was created by Early Learner Rapid City to help families and providers navigate the many early learning-related resources Rapid City has to offer.

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